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Новый Ширвотер - Терик (следующий после Пердикс-а)

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Technical Open-Circuit Features

Air/Nitrox/Trimix capable

5 open-circuit gas switch presets

Bühlmann ZHL-16C with Gradient Factors

%CNS oxygen exposure tracking

Ascent rate monitor

Date, time and temp display

Easy to read {1.39 in | 35 mm} full color 400 x 400 AMOLED screen

Easy to use adaptive menus

Logbook of last 500 hours of diving

Operational to at least { 660 ft | 200 m }

Battery charge level and warning

Metric and Imperial

Wear on right or left wrist

Battery life typically 30+ hours of diving with AI mode enabled

Rebreather Features

Constant PPO2 Set Point

Automatic Set Point Switching

5 additional CCR Diluent gas presets

2 button push OC bailout

Does NOT support external PO2 monitoring (See Petrel2-EXT)


Richly featured gauge-mode and freediving mode

Three-axis tilt-compensated digital compass

Scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal face

Bluetooth Smart wireless upload/download

Wireless Tank Pressure (option transmitter required)

User upgradable firmware

Wireless rechargeable battery (factory replaceable)

Dive Log Software

Two Year Limited Warranty


Other than the obvious difference in size, the Teric includes several other features not found found on the Perdix:


AMOLED display - vivid, bright colors reminiscent of the Predator.

Haptic (vibration) and audible alarms - can be disabled to minimize annoyance.

Scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal screen - along with stainless steel bezel protected with a vapor deposition process that uses plasma to embed carbon particles into the bezel for an elegant and durable finish.

Four button situational adaptable logic menus - also configure one of the 4 buttons to give you one press access to certain dive or watch tools like compass, stopwatch, deco planner, log tagging, etc.

Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow - dual color wrist bands are options and standard 22 mm watch strap size makes many 3rd party options available.

Wireless Charging of the battery – users have no need to open the watch reducing chances of flooding. This also eliminates the risk of damage from a leaking depleted battery.

Timepiece mode - the Teric can be comfortably worn your wrist as a stylish daily time piece.

Free Diving mode - ascent and descent indicators suitable for free diving along with configurable logging intervals as short as 1 second.

Home screen options - Instead of a mini compass on the home screen you can have an North Arrow moving around the outer edge of the watch face. You can also customize tissue graphs to appear on the outer edges of the home screen during the dive.




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